How do I register as a third-party vendor with ERTH Power?

This section is for third-party vendors looking to provide Green Button solutions to customers of ERTH Power. Customers must initiate Connect My Data (data sharing) through an authorized third party vendor’s website. View a current list of registered third-party vendors.

Third-party vendors must register through ERTH Power. Please review our Third-Party Terms and Conditions. If you are interested in becoming an authorized third-party vendor, visit the vendor registration portal below to complete the registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions for Third-Party Vendors

  • Customers must initiate Connect My Data (data sharing) through the authorized third party vendor’s website. From the third-party vendor website, the customer will be redirected to ERTH Power’s Green Button portal to authenticate and complete the Connect My Data authorization process.

  • The customer selects the duration for which the data will be shared with an authorized third-party vendor, along with the frequency that the data will be shared. The customer can revoke access at any time.

  • Customers are required to make their own authorizations online through one of the authorization methods. The customer must also authenticate with the utility before the security token can be exchanged with the utility and data can be shared.